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We are striving to be our best, and are devoted to learning, and serving others

We come from all walks of life. All ages. Many countries. Many continents.
The two things we all share is a fanatical devotion to learning, and serving others.
And a love for how GroupNotes.Net helps us digest and follow and increase our learning from the education we are investing in.

According to Penn State, there are 5 Rs of Note-Taking

1. Record: "During the lecture, write all meaningful information legibly."
2. Reduce: Prepare summaries of ideas and facts with keywords. Wikis allow such summarizing to be done by any member of the community.
     * "Clarify meanings and relationships of ideas"
     * "Reinforce continuity"
     * "Strengthen memory retention"
     * "Prepare for exams in advance"
3. Recite: An effective study method involves reciting in your own words what you have learned. You can do this by describing the new concepts to partners or business associates.
4. Reflect: Think about and take note of your own opinions during study. Attempt to creatively find answers to your questions.
5. Review: Quickly review older notes.

By joining, you can have excellent notes for each class or mentoring call. You can rely on the notes, and maintain your full attention to the lectures and mentoring. Frequent time stamps help you go back to recordings of the mentoring call during later review.

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Group notes for your classes, webinars, mentoring calls, courses, and more...


Allows all students to participate in improving the notes and sharing insights, and solutions with the group.


Our founder has produced several of the worlds largest wikis, even for the Fortune 100.


A lifelong devotion to teaching, and sharing, drive the improvement of all our class notes.


Let us look st your group, and suggest cutting edge solutions to increase their learning, satisfaction, and mastery of your materials.

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